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Founder’s Day 2023


Gary Keller founded KW Nextgen as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a big vision: to empower and equip the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools needed to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.


Thank you, to all our
Quantum Leap Coaches!

Meet Our Coaches

For young adults, Quantum Leap Coaching is a foundational opportunity to live a purpose-driven life. It builds upon the QL curriculum by creating actionable plans to achieve goals. As a result, many QL Coaching participants have pursued business ventures, education, and much more as they live their life’s mission. Our deepest thanks to the KW MAPS coaches and other volunteer coaches from the KW family who’ve dedicated their time to QL Coaching. Thanks to their efforts, young adults are becoming successful leaders and entrepreneurs.

2023 Coaches

Jesse Coleman

Kara Moll

Linda Lyons

Mike Hillary

Riva Wallace

Stefanie Scroggins

Tara Bienvenu

Tony Wallis

Crystal Lawson

Clark Kendall

Christina Griffin

Chris LaGarde

Aubrey Bailey

Ashley Vallana

Arnel Tanyag

Andrew Ostrander

Traci Evans

Tiffany Hampton

Teresa Kennedy

Tammy Richard

Empower the Next Generation

You can equip young adults with self-development events, professional coaching, and scholarships of up to $10,000!

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