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Gary Keller founded KW Nextgen as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a big vision: to empower and equip the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools needed to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.


Our mission is to empower and equip the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools needed to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.

You don’t have to take the next step alone. Our coaches will help you create your own roadmap to achieve your goals—one that leads to your definition of success.

About KW Next Gen

KW Next Gen is for young professionals and entrepreneurs looking to grow personally, professionally, and financially. Founded by Gary Keller, Founder and Executive Chairman of KWRI, this 501(c)3 nonprofit helps you achieve your goals and live your best life through the Quantum Leap Methodology.

With the Quantum Leap curriculum, we don’t just tell you how to live your dreams, we show you how to make them reality. Proven effective for over 30 years, the Quantum Leap methodology powers all KW Next Gen courses.

Our interactive learning experiences shatter limiting beliefs and help budding entrepreneurs, college students, and next-generation leaders define their personal mission and get on the inside track to a successful life through self-development events, coaching and scholarships. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your mindset and habits, get clear on your purpose, access personal coaching to take things to the next level, or receive financial funding to get your dreams off the ground, we’ve got you covered.

Our Impact

Events Hosted

Our instructors host events around the globe, teaching the QL curriculum

Lives Impacted

Through our instructor-led events, we’ve impacted thousands of lives.

Awarded in Coaching
$ 0 K

We host four coaching cohorts a year, where program participants work one-on-one with a business coach to accelerate their goals.

Awarded in Scholarships
$ 0 K

Fund My Mission Scholarships of up to $5,000 are awarded four times annually.

Individuals Coached

We offer  free one-on-one coaching to help accelerate success. 

Reach of QL Summit

Every year, hundreds of young professionals join us for our annual QL Summit, where they learn directly from Gary Keller and create a mission for their life.

Our Special Thanks To:

  • Donors

    We are grateful for our community of donors who support us with monetary donations, enabling us to empower the next generation.

  • Instructors

    KW Next Gen instructors volunteer their time to host events and mentor program participants. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • Volunteer Coaches

    Our work would not be possible without the generosity of KW MAPS and other volunteer coaches in the KW Family who have partnered with KW Next Gen to offer coaching to our next generation leaders and entrepreneurs.

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Empower the Next Generation

You can equip young adults with self-development events, professional coaching, and scholarships of up to $10,000!

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