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Gary Keller founded KW Nextgen as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a big vision: to empower and equip the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the tools needed to remove limiting beliefs, take action, and live a big life.

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May 6, 2024

Story of Impact – John Mendez

"My mission in life is to enlighten and empower young adults to live wealthy, abundant lives."

“Growing up in project housing opens your eyes to the harsh reality that a lot of people live through and experience every day. It’s hard to see opportunities when you are living everyday in survival mode, struggling to make ends meet.

So many people wait until they’re successful to start giving back. I want to bring others up with me as I progress in my journey.”

Finding His Purpose

John came to Keller Williams in the fall of 2021 for the opportunities that real estate offers. A few months later, he attended his first BOLD class, where the instructor pulled him aside and asked him to consider attending QL Summit. Ultimately, that same instructor ended up sponsoring John’s ticket so he could come to QL Summit 2022!

“At QL Summit, I learned there’s a difference between purpose and a goal.”

After listening to Gary Keller at QL Summit, John started thinking hard about whether he was on the right trajectory for his life. He reached out to KW Next Gen and applied for personalized coaching. We awarded him coaching sessions with Mark Dilworth, who sat him down and helped him realize he needed to “change the direction of his sail” and pursue his passion.

“Through my time with Mark, I was able to find my one thing, which is my podcast. Since then I have grown my podcast to top 5% globally.”

With that revelation in mind, John applied for and was awarded a Fund My Mission scholarship, which he used for media and marketing training. Education in hand, John shifted gears and started focusing on marketing, social media, and emerging technology.

Ultimately, John gained clarity on what he wanted—and what he didn’t want—for his life. He credits his KW Next Gen experience with dramatically expediting his understanding of his purpose.

“KW Next Gen helps you find purpose in your life and brings clarity to young people so that they can achieve their definition of success sooner.”

Applying Purpose to Business

In January 2023, John taught his first class on how to use ChatGPT. Later that same month, John spoke at his first conference, to an audience of 200+. By June 2023, John had launched a 4-part workshop on social media and AI, which brought more 350 attendees and generated over $20,000 in revenue. He used those funds to hire a video editor and continue to build his company, Stop and Stare Media.

“I am teaching everything I wasn’t taught growing up. I’m teaching all the lessons that I’m learning in real-time.”

His podcast, Walk 2 Wealth, has an audience that spans 58 countries and more than 780 cities. His episodes have over 10,000 downloads.

And it all started with a ticket to QL Summit!

A few months ago, our Executive Director, Brandi Lauve, joined John on Walk 2 Wealth. Check it out here!

What About You?

If you’re ready to start walking toward wealth and fulfilling your purpose, join us at QL Summit! Tickets are still available for the in-person event in Austin, or we also have a virtual ticket where you can spend the day learning from billionaire Gary Keller for only $59!

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